Enter 3D Instructions

The first loading of the fair may take a few minutes, which depends on the internet connection and the performance of the computer used.

Compatible browsers: Mozilla Firefox 67, Google Chrome 75, Apple Safari 12.1, MS Edge 18 or higher


MOVEMENTS: to move forward, backward, left and right use the arrow keys on the keyboard. For orientation use the mouse.

ESC BUTTON: to release the mouse from the fair.

INTERACTION WITH INFOPOINT: near the infopoint, press the space bar to access general information about the fair.

INTERACTION WITH THE STANDS: approaching a stand press the space bar to open the menu when it is signaled.

Once the menu is open, it is possible to select with the mouse the different icons present to consult the information of the stand:

  • Chat: chat directly with the stand operator;
  • Video: view a promotional video of the company;
  • Brochure: consult company presentations and product sheets;
  • E-mail: contact the manufacturer via the contact form with an email, with the possibility of uploading a document to be sent to the company;
  • Website: view the company website.

To exit the stand menu, move away from it using the directional arrows.

To be able to attend you need the ticket code, if you don't have it

sign up and get it